Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

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I was in a store the other day with my husband as we needed to buy a new television. We kept our old tube tv as long as we could, but it had just recently stopped working. I was looking at all the screens lined up on the wall. The same documentary was playing on … Continue reading

Cast Aside Thy Trashy Tinsel!

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I am bemused by the fact that the Western world has gotten so caught up in the Christian portrayal of Christmas. It is as ridiculous as people in Australia spraying that fake snow on the glass panels of their windows and stapling white padding to their rooftops. Why try to replicate the cold miserable weather … Continue reading

Darwin blood

Blood and Rain

The first flowers have opened on my new ‘Darwin Blood’ variety Frangipani tree. Her luscious pink tongues reach out to lap at the rain drops … As her new petals unfurl, the dawn of her first day is celebrated with the most vibrant colour. The precious first blooms of many more to come!

To Win The Love Of An Old Wolf

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In late October 2008, we moved from an inner city suburb to the bayside area, where we had bought our first home, and we decided to welcome a pet into our family. I stumbled across the Best Friends Rescue website, an organisation that rescues animals from ‘death row’ at the pound and then places them … Continue reading

Monterosso Al Mare – A Tribute To My Heart’s Home

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On October 25th, the Cinque Terre was hit with a devastating flood and landslide. On hearing the news of how Monterosso and Vernazza had been effected, I was absolutely heartbroken. The villages were submerged in up to 12 feet of mud in some areas. And many lives were lost. Here is my tribute to the … Continue reading

After the Rain – A tropical oasis comes to life

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 Living in the tropics, we get the heaviest of rain in the warmest of months. This time of year is truly magical. The transition from Spring to Summer is a time where the talents of Mother Nature are on show for all to see. Vibrant, lush shades of green splashed here and there with bright … Continue reading

The Forgotten

Expressions of the dedication and faith of man etched into every surface. In over 1100 years, time has not faded the beauty nor lessened the intricacy and intent of the design.

An example of what man can achieve without the fancy tools and machinery of the modern era,  but just simply, love and devotion filling his heart.





Man’s purpose in life captured within the carvings.


Be pious. Practice humility and reverence. Spread the word and seek to educate others, so that the rest of the world may join in the worship.





Clear away the forests and erect monuments in honour of our god.

The wonder and the power of our god must be on display, so that all will be in awe of his might and glory.

To look upon his face is to be truly blessed.







Let us carve these images for our god into every surface. A life long task  of unfailing devotion to prove our worthiness for the kingdom of heaven and all its riches that await us at the end of time.

As time goes by, so slowly in our mortal eyes….







She comes …..

Slowly unfurling Her strong, unyielding fingers. Searching for a breach in the structure. She takes root and draws nourishment up from the Earth to strengthen Her limbs.

She flexes……and She grows…..






Cold dead stone now yields to the strength of a living Mother Nature. She has come to reclaim the forest. Slowly but surely, She will curl and twist and crumble away what man has sought to create.

“Are you blind!” She will scream, “I have been here all along, yet you have destroyed Me to create a place for your false gods!”

You have gouged at my heart for the rock to build your palaces and  the minerals to create your shrines. You have polluted my lifeblood with your sewerage and filth. You have torn down the most sacred of my sentinels, my life givers. The mighty Sequoia, Eucalypt, Cypress, Oak and Elm are some of their names and there are many more who have also borne the brunt of your recklessness.




 You say you want to look upon the face of God?

Every time you are cruel and torturous to an animal, you are looking upon God’s face while you do it.

Every time you are polluting and pillaging the ocean, you are looking upon God’s face while you do it.

Each time you forget to tread lightly and give back to the Earth what you take, you are forgetting ME

Every time you desecrate this Earth I have given you, you are desecrating God.


Can you image for just one moment what the world would be like today if all the energy and intent, the love and the craftsmanship, the dedication and the unfailing faith of our forefathers had been focussed on the preservation of the Earth, instead of the creation of idols and the sustenance  of religion? A world where mankind sets out to create and nurture Heaven, here on Earth, with the abundance of gifts so freely provided to us.

“Let us a little permit Nature to take her own way; she better understands her own affairs than we.”  ~Michel de Montaigne, translated