Blood and Rain

Darwin Blood Frangipani

The first flowers have opened on my new ‘Darwin Blood’ variety Frangipani tree.

Her luscious pink tongues reach out to lap at the rain drops …

New Blooms

As her new petals unfurl, the dawn of her first day is celebrated with the most vibrant colour.

The precious first blooms of many more to come!

10 responses

  1. I’m jealous [again] Our white frangipani is only just struggling into leaf! Great photos. I guess we shouldn’t have chosen to live on the drier side of a mountain.

    • I’m afraid the overcast sky prevented the camera from doing the colour justice. They are a much deeper red than they appear in the picture. Hopefully when the sun reappears, I will post another, brighter shot. But I just couldn’t resist taking the shots with the droplets on them.

  2. Lovely drop details and vibrant colors. Usually overcast light is better for saturated color – when you try in daylight you’ll see. You may need to adjust the white balance to get the colors you saw.

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